League Judgment - Lucian, the Purifier
"Is everything ready?"
Teemo gave a thumbs-up from atop his stepladder as he clipped the other end of the banner into place. When she thought about it, Lux probably could have just had someone taller put it up, but...
"The cake!" she said, derailing her own thoughts, "The cake's done, right? He'll be here any minute!"
Pantheon set his latest creation down on the long table at the center of the room. It was concealed within a decorative box, but he'd assured her that it had been baked and shaped to exacting specifications using the finest fondant on Mt. Targon.
"Great! Now, what about the light show?"
At the far side of the room, Ziggs was still tooling around behind a tiny wooden display.
"Almost done, almost done! I don't have a lot of practice dealing with explosives in such... miniscule quantities. This thing couldn't kill someone if you threw them right into it!"
"Right. That's intentional."
Ziggs made the expression that told Lux he was rolling his eyes behind his goggles. "It's boring is what it is."
"You can blow up whatever you want afterward! Just hurry, we're--"
"Out of time!" said Karma as she rushed into the room, "He's here!"
"Places!" Lux shouted. The champions all scrambled and hid. Then she walked quickly to the center of the room, dispelling the Lucent Singularity that had at that point been the room's only source of light, leaving them all in darkness.
For a long while, nothing happened.
Someone shouted, "SURPRISE!"
"I didn't turn the lights on yet, Lee."
Lux heard the Blind Monk climb back into his hiding place. He made it just in time.
The door swung open, and Lucian stepped into the room. As he did, Lux spun her baton and sent a sphere of light straight up to the ceiling, illuminating the entire scene.
Everyone burst out of hiding.
"SURPRISE!" they began to yell, but they stopped when they saw him. The group stared at the newcomer. Lucian returned their stares. An awkward silence descended upon the room.
"SURPRISE!" shouted Lee as he jumped out of an armoire. "Haha! ...Oh, was I too late?"
A few of the champions shifted uncomfortably. Karma looked down at the back of her hand and mumbled, "Hm, I guess the summoners were right."
Lucian crossed his arms, "What is this?"
"Oh!" exclaimed Lux, remembering herself, "We heard a new person was joining the League, and so we thought we'd throw them a surprise party! ...That's you, right?"
"Yes, that's me."
"I thought so! ...We, um. We just... weren't expecting you to be... to be so..."
Lucian's brow furrowed. "To be so... what, exactly?"
"So... unusual." repeated Lux.
Lucian raised an eyebrow. He glanced across the room at a mangled creature of sewn-together flesh trying to extract itself from within a tangle of furniture. Its four robotic legs didn't seem to be making the task any easier.
"Yes. No! I mean, you're not unusual at all! And... and we just thought that was pretty unusual. That's all!" She smiled.
Lucian's expression was both confused and incredulous.
Lux rubbed her forehead.
"Well, that probably could have gone better."
She glanced back at the champions assembled behind her. Most of them looked rather uncomfortable with the circumstances, but something else wasn't right...
"Where's Garen?"
All eyes turned towards the collection of shrubs, uprooted from the garden outside, sitting in the corner of the room.
Graves shook his head, "I ain't gettin' anywhere near that."
"...That's probably for the best," said Lux. She turned back to Lucian, "Uhm, anyway, welcome to the League, please enjoy the party!"
Lux donned her brightest, most nervous smile, which only served to unsettle him further. She looked back at the others, hoping they might do something- anything- to alleviate the situation, but they all seemed rather at a loss for how to proceed.
Then Lux realized the problem.
Lucian was so... unique. So different from the others. There wasn't anyone here with whom he could relate... But Lux knew just the people who could help!
"I'll be right back!" she shouted. Then she fled from the room.
What proceeded was an awkward eternity of stares, shifting stances and cleared throats.
"So, um." said Teemo at last, "...Do you like rap?"
Suddenly the door swung open again. Lux returned, dragging behind her a pair of champions.
"Unhand me before I boil you in your own juices!" screamed a furious Brand.
"We're back!" said Lux.
"Miss Crownguard, I still do not understand why you require my presence here," said Nasus.
Graves whistled, "I ain't gettin' anywhere near this, neither." With that, he excused himself from the room and took his leave along with several other champions.
Lux rubbed her forehead again. This was going from bad to worse, and fast.
"I have a solution..." said a voice like bubbling ichor.
At the sound of it, Lucian wheeled around and drew his weapons.
There was Thresh, floating in the center of the room. Though his face was naught but bone and ghostly fire, he somehow seemed to be grinning.
"...Thresh..." Lucian hissed.
Lux's face lit up, "Oh, good! You know each other?"
"Why did you invite him?" He growled.
"I, uh..." Lux began. She stared at Thresh for a moment, then looked at Teemo, "Why did we invite him?"
The yordle scout could only shrug.
Thresh tilted his head back and cackled.
"What's the matter, Lucian? This party is for you. Have some ...cake."
With a swipe of his grisly sickle, the decorative box fell away, revealing the cake in question. Lucian's expression darkened.
"That, um. That's not the cake I ordered," said Lux.
"No. It is the cake I ordered. How do you like it, Lucian? It's only fondant, but I feel the baker captured her likeness perfectly. This is exactly how she looked that day... But I don't think I have to remind you."
Thresh made a sweeping motion with his arm, his chains rattling.
"Who wants to cut the first piece? You can see how wonderful it felt."
"Who is that supposed to be?" Lux asked.
Lucian responded through clenched teeth.
"My wife."
Lux smiled, "Aww! How cute!" Lux imagined she was supposed to look like she was sleeping, even though her eyes were open, and her expression was more a mask of horror than anything else, but that might have just been from the fondant settling, probably.
Lucian's fingers tightened around the grips of his relic-weapons.
"Great party Lux," said Gangplank, "But goodbye."
With that he, along with most of the remaining champions, filed quickly from the room.
"The rest of you are going to want to follow them," warned Lucian. "This is between me and him."
No! Lux thought. She couldn't bear to let the party end like this. They hadn't even gotten to the fireworks yet!
"Hey, this cake's not bad." said Lee. He wiped a bit of raspberry filling from his mouth, "A little too moist, though."
As she looked at the Blind Monk, a solution to this problem came to her.
"Ziggs!" she called.
The yordle demolitionist poked his head out from behind a chair.
"The display!"
"What about it?"
"Did you build it exactly like I told you to?"
The yordle smiled sheepishly. "Well, um. No."
Lux grinned, "Good. Lee!"
Lee Sin looked up from his cake. "Huh?"
"It's time for a party game!" Lux ran to a table at the side of the room and grabbed a rolled-up piece of paper and a long strip of fabric with a tack punched through one end.
Lee hooted, "Alright! What are we playing?"
Lux charged at Thresh, unfurled the paper, and thrust it into his chest. Then she turned and threw the tack-and-fabric at the monk.
The warden looked down to find that the poster he was holding was printed with the image of a donkey. A donkey with its backside pointing towards the fore.
"You're gonna pin a tail on this jackass."
Lee pumped his fist, "Yes! That one's my favorite!"
Lux watched as Lee Sin vaulted the table, caught the tack with his foot in mid-flight, and landed in front of Thresh, who only had a second to realize what was going on before the force of Lee Sin's tack-enhanced Dragon's Rage took him full in the chest and launched him backwards into Zigg's display. As soon as the warden's ghostly fires touched the explosives within they detonated, blowing everyone left in the room backwards, evaporating Thresh's form and sending his lantern- and him- clear through the ceiling and out into the night.

When Lux came around, she was fairly certain the day had been saved.
Next to her, Lee Sin coughed. He was lying on the ground and covered in soot.
"I've never... won that hard before." he croaked. "I don't think I'll do it again anytime soon."
"You did great, Lee," she said. Then she turned, preparing to apologize as much as she could to Lucian... but he was already gone. She sighed and buried her face in her hands, "I can't believe how badly I screwed that up. I don't think it could have possibly gone worse."
As soon as she said it, one of the last intact cabinets flew open and out jumped a hulking figure wrapped in a white sheet with a tall, pointed white hood covering his face. In his hand he held a rusted cleaver that he swung with reckless abandon.
"...Mundo, what are you doing?"
Suddenly Mundo stopped, tugged off his hood, and looked around.
"Where party go?"
"It's over, Mundo. You missed it by... I don't know how long. ...Really, though. What are you doing?"
Mundo smiled stupidly, eager to explain. "Mundo hear that new champion was ghost-hunter! So Mundo dress up as ghost to scare him! Good prank, huh?"
Lux stared at Mundo for a moment, then looked at Lee.
"I'm wrong. I guess it could have been worse."
They all shared in a laugh, even if Mundo was only laughing because the other two were laughing, and Lux decided that the night had turned out alright after all.
She probably wasn't going to throw any more parties for a good long while, though.




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Renekton's Creepy Epilogues: Demacian Justice
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Renekton's Creepy Fanfiction: Demacian Justice Chapter 51 (pt. 2, Finale)

Several minutes later Evelynn finally managed to stop laughing. She climbed back into her chair slowly, wiping a tear from one eye. “You are so retarded. I almost don’t want to kill you now... Almost. However, time’s
a-wasting, so...”

The lights came back on. Xin felt a hand on his shoulder. It was Malzahar.
“You were saying something about foiling Evelynn’s plan?”
“Ah, yeah.” said Xin. “It didn’t work out.”
“What do you mean? She’s sitting right there.”
“I figured the musical was just to get her in here so we could all smack the blue off her.”
“Yeah,” said Poppy, “I’ll ignore that blue comment, though.”
“Wait, we’re not murdering Evelynn?” asked Galio worriedly.
“What, none of you guys showed up just to be in the musical?” asked Xin.
“I am.” said Orianna in a strange, mechanical drone.
“Hell no. I’m here ‘cause you said we’d be breaking Evelynn’s face.” said Tryndamere.
“I didn’t say that. I said foiling her plan.” said Xin.
“Well you sure screwed that one up!” said Trundle with a disturbing chuckle.
“Uh, guys?” said Tristana, “Can’t we just kick her ass now? I mean, she’s right there.”
All eyes fell on Evelynn, who was just beginning to grasp the gravity of the situation. Before she could react however, someone yelled “Get her!” and in a glittering, feathery blur the champions all raced past Xin to dive on the Widowmaker. Chaos descended on the room as a massive brawl began, all of the champions fighting to get the last hit.
The doors to the commencement hall swung open with a clatter. In an instant the altercation ceased, and the champions stepped away from Evelynn’s badly-battered form. Into the room  stepped the High Summoner, flanked
by two of his assistants, and following behind him, the Soothsayer.

“Ah, here you all are.” said the High Summoner, “Very good. I was hoping to speak to you all regarding... recent  matters.” As he reached the stage he looked down at Evelynn.
“Good heavens! What happened to her?”
“She, uh. She fell.” said Teemo.
The High Summoner winced, “Ah, how unfortunate.” He gestured to his assistants, “Carry her to the medical ward, won’t you?”
The two men carefully picked Evelynn up and carried her from the room.
“Now, as I was saying,” continued the High Summoner, “The orphanage incident was absolutely unforgivable, but fortunately those responsible have been rooted out and dealt with.”
“What orphanage incident?” someone asked.
“Nevermind.” said Xin.
“Furthermore, the legislation to remove Noxus from the League will be rescinded.”
“What? Who submitted that? I just got here!” said Talon.
“...Nevermind that, too.” said Xin.
“One last thing, High Summoner.” said the Soothsayer. “Evelynn will need several months to recover. She is not to leave the medical ward until then.”
“Several months? That seems a little severe for one fall, don’t you think?”
“No.” said the Soothsayer. “Have her under guard, and line her room with vision wards. I’m a doctor, trust me.”
The High Summoner thought about this for awhile, then nodded. “Yes, I see. Consider it done. Well, I believe that is all there was as far as announcements go. Did anyone have any questions?”
Several hands went up.
“Ah, well, come with me back to my office. We can speak on the way there.”
The High Summoner left, and the champions filed out of the room behind him. Soon it was just Xin, the Soothsayer, and Tangent.
“So,” said Xin, “Why are we keeping Evelynn locked up in the medical ward?”
“For the plan the Tangent is about to present to you.”
The Soothsayer turned and began to walk off.
“Xin.” said Tangent from behind him.
Xin turned, “What’s up?”
“Well, now that Evelynn is out of the way, I have devised a method of charging the device.”
“Lay it on me.”
And so Tangent told him.

Many months later, the final musical had ended. It really was an interesting idea, if not a little unorthodox. The League would host a musical every night for several months until the device was charged. Xin was impressed that hatred of Evelynn ran deep enough in the champions of the League that they would agree to sing on stage for over three  months just to spite her and complete the ruination of her insidious plot, but he was also thankful.
Finally, it was time to end this for good.
Xin found Tangent behind the stage, looking over the device.
“It’s good to go?”
Tangent looked up at him.
“Yes.” he said, “It is finally ready.”
“Well, let it rip, then.”
Tangent pressed the activation button on the side of the device. For a moment, nothing happened. Just as Xin was about to ask if it was working, the door of the device fell open. There was a pause, and then a great howling as the device began sucking in everything around it. Tangent and Xin had to fight to keep their footing, and some of the smaller props began to fly towards the machine. Xin shouted for Tangent to turn off the device, but Tangent couldn’t hear him over the terrible sound.
And then, it stopped, and the door slammed shut.
The device emitted a cheerful ‘ding’ to let them both know that it had performed its duty, and a glow could be seen  through the window.
“So, uh. That’s it, right?” asked Xin.
“Yes, I believe so.” replied Tangent.
“Then if you don’t mind, I’ll be taking that device with me.” said a voice.
Xin spun casually, mentally preparing a defiant one-liner to deliver to whoever it was.
“Save it,” said the Soothsayer, “Unless you have a better way of releasing that energy somewhere safe?”
Xin remained silent.
“Precisely. I’m taking those souls somewhere very far from here.”
“What will you do with them?” asked Tangent.
“They belong to Shurelia now. I will see to it that she gets them. In time, I hope they will recieve another chance at life. It is the least they deserve.”
“Well, can’t argue there. Take it.”
The Soothsayer walked up to Xin, then rapped his knee with her cane.
Xin shouted in pain and hopped back to favor his leg, “What the hell was that for?”
“You moron, you didn’t even bother to verify that I wasn’t another agent of the dark goddess?”
“With all due respect, Madam Soothsayer,” said Tangent, “I have had Professor Heimderdinger reconfigure my scanners to detect--”
“I know what he did.” said the Soothsayer, “But Xin didn’t. Anyway...”
The Soothsayer scooped up the device and held it under one arm.
“Shurelia thanks you both for your service.”
Tangent nodded, and Xin grumbled something that might have been unflattering.
As the Soothsayer left, Olaf appeared from elsewhere behind the stage. He had clearly been drinking, and he had on a pair of light green polo shirts with the collars popped. That could only mean...
“Duuuudes!” said Olaf, “Man, like, boss musical. I don’t totally go for that stuff, ‘cause it’s like, you know, it's gay? But no homo man that was good stuff!”
“Glad you liked it, Brolaf.” said Xin.
“Yeah dude, like no lie. Hey, you all seen Lux around? I asked her if she wanted to make out and she told me to meet her here and stuff, and to wait a couple hours, maybe days. I was like ‘yeah, no worries babe,’ ‘cause like, I know how long it takes chicks to prepare for stuff, you know? Hey, what was that sound earlier?”
“That was Xin and I removing the last remnants of Evelynn’s dark deeds from this place. The League is once again pure.”
“We were just talking to the Soothsayer about it, didn’t you hear her?” said Xin.
Olaf went silent suddenly, his eyes wide.
“Uh, dude... There was nobody else here. You guys were talking to yourselves this whole time.”
“What? ...But, you had to have seen her, right?”
Olaf shook his head again, “No, dude... You’re the only dudes who ever mentioned a Soothsayer. Nobody else knows what you’re talking about.”
“But this is impossible. It couldn’t have been...”
Xin and Tangent shared a long look.
Olaf cracked up suddenly. “Psyche! Oh man! You should have seen your faces! Naw, hell naw, I saw her. We all did. That’s Yi’s old lady, actually.”
“That was Yi’s mother?” said Xin.
“Yeah, hell yeah dude. She’s all pissed ‘cause her son never calls. She came down here to totally ream him for it. Yeah, so, anyway, Gragas is throwing a mixer, and I’m giving Lux two hours before I bail. You guys down?”
Xin nodded, “I’m down.”
“I cannot drink, but I do appreciate the offer.” said Tangent.
“Duuuude, lame!” said Olaf, “Don’t worry about it though, I’ll drink for you. Cool?”
“Ah, yes. ‘Cool.’” said Tangent.
Olaf held out a fist.
Tangent looked at it quizzically.
“Fist me, bro.”
“W-what?” said Tangent.
“Naw dude, like this.” said Olaf, bumping his fist into Tangent’s hand. He then nodded, “Alright, good enough.”
“Hey, I’ll be in my room. Come get me when you’re ready to go.” said Xin.
“Hell yeah bro. See you in two hours.” said Olaf, who waved as Xin left.

As Xin wandered down the corridors, he thought about the last couple of months. Things were looking pretty dark back then, but now... It was almost boring not having any grave threats to the League. He was happy to have the lull, though. It gave him time to think. He was concerned about how it had all wrapped up, though. Everything just seemed to fall into place. Maybe he was just that good?
Hell yeah. He was just that good.
He was the chosen one, after all.
If the dark goddess wanted to play, then Xin would play. And if any other threats stepped up, Xin  would be there to take them back down. How could he fail? He saved his best friend with a dumb jingle and shut down a plan for the annihilation of Runeterra with two month’s worth of music theater. He could do anything as long as he had his friends.
And so as Xin walked down a hallway towards his chambers, he had to laugh.
The league was pretty great, alright.

Renekton's Creepy Fanfiction: Demacian Justice Chapter 51 (pt. 1, Finale)
A silent shadow crept slowly down the hallway.
It snaked through the Institute’s corridors and weaved in and out of room after room in search of its quarry.
But Xin was nowhere to be found.
Stranger still, nobody else seemed to be present, either. Where had they gone? Had they heard of her plan? Had everyone fled?
Just how long did they think they could escape?
And then Evelynn heard it, somewhere deeper in the Institute. A voice. Chanting? Praying?
She followed the sound. It was a yordle.
It was Teemo.
What was he saying?
Counting? Why?
It didn’t matter.
Kill the yordle.
Drink his blood.
Evelynn drew closer.
Teemo stood in the center of the hall, blissfully unaware of his impending demise.
drew closer, silent as Death. She flexed her fingers, which were just
about to tear the yordle into screaming, bloody pieces.

He stopped counting.
Evelynn drew in closer and thrust her arm forward like a striking serpent.
“Evelynn?” said the Yordle suddenly.
Evelynn froze. How did he see her? He couldn’t have heard her coming.
Furthermore, why didn’t she simply finish him?
“What?” said Evelynn.
Teemo loosed an earsplitting shriek and spun in place to face her... Or he would have, were she not still invisible.
Evelynn faded into view, looking down at the yordle.
“What is it?” she asked impatiently.
“Uh... Uh...”
looked down at a piece of paper in his hands. With a trembling voice he
read, “I-I’m supposed t-to tell you th-th-that Xin s-s-said he gives
up, a-a-a--”

Evelynn snatched the note from the yordles grasp. Teemo did not protest.
  You win. After coming to terms with the horrors I’ve committed I can no longer bring myself to live this accursed existence. I wish to give my life and soul for the glory of the dark goddess and hope that maybe I can finally serve a purpose in non-existence. I’ve gathered the other champions with me in that hopes that their sacrifices can prove my devotion to Her and would ask that you please come to the commencement hall so that you can kill them as painfully as you’d like and force me to witness the deaths of my closest friends.
With bitter tears and a grief-addled mind,
Xin Zhao.
P.S. Don’t kill Teemo yet please, it will be a lot more evil if you make him watch everything.
Evelynn grinned, baring her teeth.
“That sounds like a wonderful idea, Xin.”
Her yellow eyes fell on the yordle.
“Is this a trap?”
Teemo shook his head slowly, “He was crying a lot when he wrote it.”
“Mmm. I wish I’d been there.” she said wistfully, then, “How did you know I was here?”
Teemo shrugged, “They told me to stand here and count to eighty-eight, then say your name.”
Evelynn narrowed her eyes. The Soothsayer was there.
This was a trap.
No matter, of course.
Xin was the kind of pompous moron to want to kill Evelynn himself. All she needed was to destroy him, and then it did not matter if she died or not.
“Very well, Teemo. Take me to him.”
Teemo led the Widowmaker across the Institute, and it took all of his willpower to not break into a frantic dash to safety.
Evelynn followed him, uncomfortably close, making sure the yordle could feel her presence behind him. She could sense his bottomless fear, but had to hand it to the little yordle: He wasn’t  screaming.
Not yet.
Perhaps he was clinging to the false safety of this obvious trap?
Yes. He thought he had a chance to live.
How cute. Evelynn was going to wear his pelt for that.
Eventually they reached the commencement hall and, as Evelynn suspected, the lights were off.
She bade Teemo enter, and then followed him inside.
It was darker than she’d expected.
“So, I heard there was a Bloodbath and Beyond opening up here? Was I wrong?” Evelynn asked the darkness.
“Hey, Evelynn. Glad you could make it.” replied Xin, who had most definitely not been crying recently.
“I just wanted to say how thankful I am that you’ve saved me all this trouble. Even if I don’t get the joy of chasing you all down myself, it’s a very sweet sentiment.”
“Not a problem. I do have one favor to ask of you, if you’re willing to grant it?”
Evelynn thought for a moment, “Mmm, I suppose.”
There was a loud ‘clack’ and a column of light appeared in the center of the room, illuminating a lone folding chair.
“Have a seat.” said Xin.
Evelynn did so, folding one leg over the other, waiting patiently for the trap to be sprung. Good people like Xin had very little experience in setting elaborate traps, so... this would be quite amusing to watch.
In the brief silence that followed, Evelynn tried to listen for the sound of approaching footsteps. It wouldn’t be entirely out of the question for someone to try and ambush her in the dark... But there were none.
The room was silent, save for an occasional scuffling and a few muffled whispers.

Evelynn sighed. They could have been ready for this, at least. Did they not expect her to show?
Another light appeared, and another, and another, all pointed towards the Commencement hall’s stage.
Only... It seemed unusually decorated today.
Huge ribbons and streamers hung down from the curtains, which had been drawn closed. An enormous sign atop the stage read “LEAGUE OF LEGENDS.”
The curtains moved slightly, and Xin Zhao slipped out from between them.
“Xin,” said Evelynn, “What the hell are you wearing?”
Xin stood proudly in his stage uniform, which bore a striking resemblance to his regular outfit save that it was  sparkling brightly and adorned with massive decorative feathers.
“Don’t worry about that.”
Evelynn nodded slowly, narrowing her eyes, “I believe I’m going to regret asking but... What’s the favor?”
“The favor is just to hear me out. Then, after I’m done, you can go ahead and kill me.”
She smiled viciously, “Well, as much as I hate to wait, I’m usually willing to grant last requests. I’m not all bad, you know.”
“What if the request is for a quick, painless death?”
“Then they can go to hell.”
“Right. Just checking.”
Xin turned to address the curtain, “Alright, let’s get started.”
Then he disappeared behind them.
a few moments they swung open, revealing a stage that attempted to clumsily emulate Summoner’s Rift: A backdrop of blue sky, plastic bushes, cardboard rocks and flat, wooden cutouts painted like turrets.

Evelynn arched an eyebrow as Xin took the stage again. It was all beginning to make sense now... But he couldn’t be serious. Could he?
“You know,” began Xin, “Before I decided to abandon my life, the League was really special to me. It brought a lot of people together from all walks of life and cemented a lot of unusual friendshi--”
“Xin dear, can we get to the point?” Evelynn asked impatiently.
Xin smiled, “Bear with me here, I’m almost done.”
Evelynn roller her eyes, but bade him continue.
Xin cleared his throat, “But I think the most important thing about the league is, its given me a lot of opportunities to kick many, many different kinds of asses and make a lot of different friends.”
As music began to pick up from somewhere in the room, Evelynn realized that yes, Xin was serious.
Before she could react, Xin launched into a song about the League of Legends.
He sang about all of the people it brought together, the friendships that formed between Tanks, Carries and Supports, the rivalries it enflamed, the way it redesigned warfare on Runeterra and how none of it would have been possible without the cooperation of all the League’s champions. As Xin continued to sing the other champions he’d recruited
began to appear from the sides of the stage, each clad in a sparkly, feather-adorned version of their regular costumes. Then the champions began to sing songs of their own: The Kinkou had a song about the power
of three ninja-friends and their adventures. Gangplank had a song about sailing and how oranges made everything better. Renekton sang, and Xin was surprised to hear that he had a remarkable singing voice, and his song was of hating his brother Nasus. Nasus’ reply was a song about how he lamented that his brother was such a short-sighted hothead and that he hoped someday they could be united again as family, and Renekton began a song about how Nasus was a fat idiot, and Nasus started singing about how Renekton still smelled like the sewer that bore his arrival
into the world, and at that point Gragas and Alistar had to forcibly separate the two and drag them off the stage. The Ionians had a highly-choreographed dance to show off the splendor of Ionian martial arts. It was made even more impressive by the fact that they had all of about five minute to rehearse before Evelynn showed up. At least, Xin was impressed.

Then came Caitlyn and Warwick, who began to melodically recount their adventures on the airship. They were followed by said airship's crew, and when all were assembled they launched into the story of how they saved Garen from the Noxian arena. Then Garen took the stage to sing of the turmoil his life was in before he was rescued by his friends, and how there remained only one real issue left to resolve...
The lights went out, and a spotlight illuminated two figures on the stage: Garen, at the center, and Mordekaiser by the far edge. Garen turned and implored Mordekaiser to forgive his error. It was a clear violation of the Demacian code, but one Garen was willing to make for the Master of Metal's sake.
Mordekaiser stepped forward and began what at first began to sound like a damning dirge until he declared that he found that sort of thing sexy, and would always forgive Garen for his mistakes. They embraced, and the lights went out once more.

Then the Noxians and Demacians came on as the lights returned, and they sang of how the League allowed them to come together for the purpose of protecting their world... At least they began to, before Jarvan took to the center of the stage and launched into a nationalistic anthem about the supremacy of Demacia over all other militaries. From out of nowhere, scantily-clad dancing girls appeared, and a hydraulic system that Xin did not remember ever having existed lifted the part of the stage directly under the prince of Demacia so that he was on a platform for the final verse, which ended with a spectacular fanfare, fireworks, and a great deal of eye-rolling from the Noxians.
Then the music ended.
The only sound left was a slow clapping from Evelynn.
“That was absolutely beautiful, Xin. So, you’re ready to die now, yes?”
But Xin grinned defiantly, “Not on your life. Tangent, now!”
A spotlight appeared on the far end of the room. Tangent was laboring over the device that Heimerdinger had given them. He looked up, somewhat worriedly, “Uh.”
“What’s the problem?” said Xin, his armor glittering in the dying light of the sparklers.
“It is at one percent, Xin.”
“ONE FU--? One percent!?”
“Is that a toaster oven?” said Evelynn.
Xin rubbed his head. What the hell were they going to do now?
Tangent’s gaze returned to the device.
“Xin, this is definitely the most retarded trap I’ve ever willingly walked into.” said Evelynn. “What were you hoping to accomplish?”
“Well, see, that thing was supposed to capture the energy of all those children you killed.”
“Uh huh. And you needed to distract me for that? I didn’t even know it existed.”
“No, actually. See, the object, it, uh...”
“It what?”
“It runs on musicals.”

Renekton's Creepy Fanfiction: Demacian Justice Chapter 50 (pt. 3)
Xin and Tangent didn’t make it very far before they were stopped, but it wasn’t the interruption Xin was expecting.
“Xin, wait.” said Katarina.
“Kat? What are you doing here?”
“Stopping you from making a terrible mistake.”
“Woah, hold on. You’re not with Evelynn, are you?”
Katarina screwed up her face, “Evelynn? Gross, Xin. I’m not a masochist.”
“What?” asked Xin.
“What?” replied Katarina.
“Uh. I mean, you’re not a part of her insidious plot?”
Katarina canted her head, arching an eyebrow, “Plot? No, Xin, I’m here to ask you not to ban Noxus from the League.”
“How did you know about that?”
“Not important. What is important is keeping the League whole.”
“Why do I want to do that? You’re the only Noxian I can stand.”
“What about Morgana? And Ardis?”
“Eh.” said Xin, examining his fingernails.
“Listen to me, Xin. Removing Noxus from the League is only going to do more harm than good.”
“I’m not following.”
Katarina smiled the way a mother smiles at a stupid child, “I know, honey. What I’m saying is, if you kick Noxus out of the League, then your psycho prince won’t have anyone stopping him from sending his army to try and wipe us out once and for all. Hundreds, thousands of lives will be lost in the war, and that’s a best-case scenario.”
“What’s the worst case scenario?”
“Well, remember that the League was formed to stop the Rune Wars from tearing apart the fabric of reality with all of the magic being thrown around? If the League dissolves, and believe me, it will dissolve, then the universe won’t be very far behind it.”
“You raise a pretty good point, Kat. I’ll consider it.”
Tangent placed a hand on Xin’s shoulder.
“Mr. Zhao, it would be prudent to heed Katarina’s advice. I have just finished my forty-seven millionth calculation of the aftermath of the League’s dissolution, and not one of them had a silver lining.”
Xin stroked his chin, considering this.
“...Also, you die in all of them.” Tangent added hastily.
turned back to Katarina, “Alright, you’ve convinced me. Unfortunately, we’re on our way to see Heimerdinger. The Soothsayer went to talk to the High Summoner, so if you hurry...”

Xin let his hand drop to his side and felt it brush against something odd.
Looking down he noticed a note pinned to his belt, and he tugged the note free and held it up to read it.

I’m not stupid. Of course I’m going to keep Noxus in the League.

Xin grunted, “I hate how she does that.” He looked at Tangent, “You know, if she’d just take the time to just explain these things, I wouldn’t have asked him to do it in the first place and it woulda saved us all a lot of time. There, how do you like that? Not so prescient now, are you?” This last he said to the ceiling.
He looked at the note again and noticed something beneath the Soothsayer’s signature.

P.S. Shut up, idiot. Explaining things to you is like teaching a brick wall to read.

Xin crumpled the note in his hand, “Agh! What a bitch! You guys stay here, I’m gonna...”
Xin began marching off down the hall towards the High Summoner’s chamber, but was stopped by Tangent, “Xin? We have an objective.”
Xin sighed, “Right, right. I can beat up the old lady some other time.”
“Uh.” said Katarina, staring at the two, “What just happened here?”
“Nothing.” said Xin. “Relax. It’s taken care of. Noxus is staying in the League.”
Katarina regarded him strangely for a moment, then shrugged, “Whatever. I hope for your sake it’s true, though. More is at stake here than national pride.”
Xin smiled reassuringly, “Come on, when have I ever lied to you?”
“There was the time you told me you had a horse.”
“I do have a horse! ”
Katarina closed her eyes, shaking her head.
“You’ll see. As soon as they let me ride it in Summoner’s Rift, you’ll see. But whatever, anything else you need while we’re here?”
Katarina walked up to him.
“Yeah,” she said, leaning in close and kissing his cheek, “Be careful.”
“That goes against my nature... But I’ll do it, for you.” He said.
She smiled, and in an instant was gone in a puff of purple smoke. It would have been a flawless exit had someone in the next room not suddenly yelped with pain and alarm.
The two continued on.

Heimerdinger’s lab was every bit as much a mess as it had been on his last visit, but it relieved Xin to see something so familiar in the midst of everything he’d learned.
Heimer, unfortunately, was was not immediately visible.
“Professor?” said Tangent. “Professor, are you there?”
The sound of tiny pieces of metal hitting the floor was heard, and then a great crashing of parts as the inventor pulled himself out of one of the piles of scrap in his lab.
“Yes? Is someone there?” he asked.
“It is us, Professor.” said Tangent. “We come seeking aid.”
“Ohh, yes, yes, of course. Hello, Tangent! And to you, Xin! How did the Bloodhound device work?”
“It performed its task flawlessly. The drug lab has been uncovered and destroyed.” said Tangent, careful not to mention anything else they discovered.
“Good, good. Well, I suppose now you’d like me to actually remove it from your face?”
“Ah, yes.” said Tangent. “In due time. We have a slightly different request, however.”
Heimerdinger nodded, waiting for him to continue.
“Uhm.” said Tangent.
“Quick hypothetical, Doc.” said Xin. “Say we needed a device, and I mean this purely hypothetically, but say we needed something that could vacuum up a bunch of orphan souls so that they couldn’t be used to power a dark
goddesses return to life?”

Heimerdinger chuckled, “Oh, well, that would take quite a device! Fortunately I just happen to have something like that, if you’ll give me a moment to find it...”
Heimerdinger turned back to his piled and piles of projects, trying to remember which of them held the device he was thinking of.

Xin and Tangent stared at him.
“What do you mean, 'you really have something like that?'” Xin asked.
“I mean I really have something like that. What sort of inventor would I be if I didn’t plan for every possible- or  impossible- occasion?”
“Uh, a regular one?” offered Xin.
“Precisely!” cried Heimerdinger, “And I am anything but regular. you might even say I’m... irregular! Ha ha!”
Xin and Tangent shared a glance.
“Well, great.” said Xin. “Can we help you look?”
“Certainly, certainly. Each of you pick a pile and have at it!”
“As you wish, Professor.” said Tangent, “What are we looking for, exactly?”
“It’s a rather small device, really. It bears a striking resemblance to a toaster oven. You can’t miss it.”
“...You modeled a device used for storing the souls of orphans on a toaster oven?”
“Yes, though it was funnier at the time. Well, no matter. Keep an eye out!”
Xin stared at Heimerdinger for awhile as he and Tangent began to search their respective piles. Xin dug through his pile for what felt like an hour, discovering all manner of unusual objects, some of which had obvious purposes and some... Not so obvious. Eventually he discovered what he thought might very well be the object he sought and turned,
fighting his way back out of the pile.

“Heimer!” he called. The yordle poked his head out of a mass of metal.
“Is this the thing?” Xin asked, holding the object up for the inventor to see.
“That’s it exactly!” said Heimerdinger. “Bring it over here.”
The three gathered around the object. Even next to the tiny inventor, the object still looked small and mostly useless. Still, Xin learned long, long ago to never trust a book by its cover, or an orphan soul prison by its similarity to a toaster oven.
“So how do we work this thing?”
“Ah, well, that’s the tricky part.” said Heimerdinger.
Xin sighed. Somehow he knew, he knew this was going to be the ‘tricky part.’
Heimerdinger tapped his chin, “You see, the object uses a... rather unorthodox power source.”
“Which is...?” said Xin.
Heimerdinger told them.
“No. Absolutely not.” said Xin and Tangent in unison.
“Unfortunately so,” said Heimerdinger. “That’s how I built it, after all.”
“WHY?” asked Xin at a volume just below a shout, “WHY did you build it like that? Why did you build it PERIOD?”
Heimerdinger shook his head slowly, “Xin, my boy, you just don’t understand science.”
“I am a little perturbed as well, Professor.” said Tangent. “I cannot see a purpose for the existence of such a device, nor why- or how- it should be powered by--”
“And yet here you both are, needing this very object!” Heimerdinger chuckled, “Now, go on. I’m sure you’ll find a way to get it powered up in no time!”
Xin sighed. He’d pulled of weird things in the past, but this? This was going to take the cake. Still, a little voice in the back of his head told him he could do it, and it’d be worth it to see the look on Evelynn’s face.
All that was left was to prepare, and powering up this device was going to take a great deal of preparation... and participation.
In fact he was going to need a pretty good chunk of the League’s
membership for this one, and he could only think of three off the top of his head that would probably be willing.

Of course, depending on the quality, you could get it done with far fewer people.
Xin decided that it was time for another recruitment drive.

Xin decided that the best way to start the search would be to ask someone he thought would be willing to help.
He found Gragas sitting in a corner of the cafeteria, working dutifully on a bucket of moonshine.
“Hey, Gragas!’ said Xin, “How’s things?”
Gragas lifted his head and squinted. He was clearly intoxicated, and moreso than usual.
This was good.
“Ach, who’zat?” he asked rubbing his eyes.
“It’s Xin. Xin Zhao.”
“Ah, Xin. How are yeh?” he asked, rocking slightly in his chair. “Ahm workin’ onna bran’ new brew! Yeh wanna try shome?”
shook his head, knowing full well that Gragas’ experiments typically
dissolved people’s organs, “Uh, no thanks. I uhh... I’m the driver.”

Gragas nodded sorrowfully, “Sorry t’hear it. But lookit th’ bright side, more fer me!” Gragas laughed loudly, then loosed a thunderous belch.
Xin grimaced, “Hey, listen man, I need to ask you a big favor.”
“Ah? Yeh, whddyeh need?”
Xin explained what was happening and what was needed to do something about it.
“Yeh’re kiddin’.” said Gragas.
“Ah gotta be far drunker n’ I am t’ agree t’ somethin’ like this.”
Gragas reached down and lifted the bucket off the table, then tipped it back and poured the contents into his mouth. When he was done he wiped an enormous forearm against his red bread and belched once more.
“Wai’ for it...” he said.
Xin waited for it.
Gragas stood for a moment, then nodded. “Alrigh’. I’ll do it.”
“You will? Hey, great! Thanks, man.”
Xin told Gragas where they would be meeting once everyone was gathered, and he left the Rabblerouser to continue his search.

Xin’s next stop was the training room. Inside he found all three members of the Kinkou, training dutifully against a trio of wooden targets.
“Hey guys!” he said cheerfully as he entered the room.
Kennen greeted him enthusiastically. Akali bowed her head as he entered. Shen offered a casual wave, then went back to practicing.
“What’s up, Xin? How did that Noxus thing go? Sorry I couldn’t be there.” said Kennen.
“It went pretty well.” said Xin. He looked at Shen, “Hey Shen, did you already tell them?”
Shen turned around, “Tell them what?”
“...About what happened today? In the match?”
“Oh. No.”
“What, seriously? How do you forget something like that?”
Shen shrugged.
“...Something like what?” asked Akali, looking at Shen.
Xin sighed, “Listen, uh. There’s something I sorta have to tell you guys. ...And you might wanna sit down for it.”
Xin explained the situation to Akali and Kennen, who took it as well as a pair of highly-trained Ninjas could be expected to take that sort of news. Which is to say, Akali was pissed, and Kennen seemed on the verge of tears.
“K-kids?” stammered the yordle. “We’ve been killing kids?”
“Shen!” said Akali, “Why didn’t you tell us about this?”
“Dunno.” replied Shen. “Didn’t seem important.”
Akali balled her fists, then closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and tapped into her inner calm. Xin felt a pang of sympathy for her. Fighting alongside a man who had been trained to be completely stoic has got to be somewhat irritating.
Xin cleared his throat, “Alright, well now that that’s out of the way, I need to ask a favor of you three.”
“Yes yes yes!” Said Kennen, “Anything to stop this atrocity.”
Xin told them the favor.
On hearing it, Shen barked a laugh, causing the others to stare at him.
He shrugged, “What? It’s that ridiculous.”
“Well, count us in, anyway.” said Akali. “...Besides, I’ve always wanted to do something like this.”
With a relieved sigh, Xin thanked them and continued on.

Xin found the rest of the people he asked were surprisingly cooperative, something he hadn’t expected from Shaco, or Cho’goth. Surprisingly, Kassadin agreed even after hearing that Malzahar would be there, and Karthus agreed for reasons that Xin suspected was guilt, but Karthus claimed were ‘because.’

Xin wasn’t about to question it. Sure, some of them may have been on Evelynn’s payroll, but how badly would anyone screw this up? As far as Xin was concerned, this was it. This was the endgame.

It was time to finish things.

Renekton's Creepy Fanfiction: Demacian Justice Chapter 50 (pt. 2)
Xin bolted past the blue fountain turret, which hummed confusedly, unsure if Xin was an enemy or a misled spectator. He bounded past the base turret, and then the inner turret, and there by the blue team’s outer turret he saw what was to be the first skirmish of the day. Kayle vs., for whatever reason, Shen. They were watching the minions fight, waiting for the right moment to end their struggle with a swing of their weapon.
“Stop!” shouted Xin, “Stop fighting!”
Kayle turned, “Xin? You’re not a part of this game. Turn back immediately or you will face severe--”
Xin ran past her like she wasn’t there, falling to his knees and sliding the rest of the way to the mass of fighting minions. He grabbed a blue caster and tugged off its hood.
And at that moment, all of his worst fears had been realized.
The child struggled faintly in Xin’s hands, intent on getting back to its task of hurling barely-effective bolts of magic at its foes.
Kayle gripped the back of Xin’s chestpiece, “Xin, you are about receive a citation for trolling an official ranked--”
She went silent.
“What’s going on over here?” asked Shen, momentarily setting aside his differences with the Judicator. Seeing the struggling orphan in Xin’s hands, he realized.
“How’d that kid get into the match?” he asked impassively.
Kayle released Xin and grabbed another of the casters. It too was but a child under its robe, its expression one of grim determination.
“Gods above...” she muttered, her usual condescension was now replaced with a sort of horrified listlessness.
It was the same for every other minion in the group.
“Huh.” said Shen, “I didn’t know these were kids.”
“They’re all kids!” said Xin, “The orphanage! They’re drugging them and sending them into the matches!”
“S-stop the match!” Kayle shouted, “These are children!”
But the minions could not be stopped until one of the Nexuses was destroyed. These were the rules.
“Xin, do something!” said Kayle, “Get back to the Institute, tell them to stop this!”
Xin, not knowing what else to do, acquiesced.
Who could he tell? Was there a big red “stop all games” button somewhere?
Whatever... He’d figure it out. ...Wait, he already did! The High Summoner! Noxian or not, he’d be able to stop this, or Xin would put him down. And there wasn’t a wooden door in the world that could stop the Seneschal of Demacia.

Xin was halfway to his destination when he caught movement out of the corner of his eye. He ducked just in time to avoid what would have been another fatal blow, and there was enough adrenaline in his system that he had the presence of mind to counterattack, swinging his spear in a vicious arc, causing the butt of the weapon to slam hard  into the side of Evelynn’s head and send her tumbling to the ground.
“Evelynn!” Xin shouted, loudly enough to rattle the windows high above him. “You’re responsible for this!”
Evelynn cackled, and then coughed. Blood was spilling down the side of her head, and she appeared dazed. But who wouldn’t be after something like that?
“Ohh, Xin. You’ve discovered our little secret! Naughty boy...”
Xin struggled to find a clever response, but all of his mind was rage. He lunged, stabbing forward with his spear. He struck the stone as Evelynn vanished, but another arc of his spear caught her in the stomach and made sure she wasn’t getting up any time soon.
Xin dropped his weapon and took her by the throat.
“Why?” he snarled.
Evelynn coughed, fighting for breath.
“Mmm, I guess you don’t know the whole story, then.” she managed.
“Tell me.” he said, tightening his grip. He threw her into the far wall, where she remained, slumped over and bleeding badly. “Why are the Noxians doing this?”
Evelynn cackled again, and then broke off into a coughing fit. She shook her head.
“The Noxians are but pawns to my queen,” she said, “And once we’ve taken care of you there won’t be a force in this universe that can stop her!”
“Yeah? Who’s we?” said Xin.
“You mean you haven’t figured it out yet?” said Evelynn, “I knew you were retarded Xin, but...”
“I was sort of hoping you would have, myself.” said the Soothsayer.
“When did you get here?” asked Xin.
“Just now. I decided it would be the most opportune moment to appear and offer to explain the things you haven’t quite picked up on.”
“You could have done that hours ago and saved me a lot of trouble.”
“I could have. Would you have believed me?”
The Soothsayer stared at him.
“Okay, no. How long have you known about this?”
“A long time.”
“And you’ve done nothing about it?”
“I am doing something about it.”
“And just what do you think you can accomplish?” said Evelynn, “Our plan is complete!”
“Murdering thousands of orphans was part of your plan?” Xin asked, incredulous. “Have you always been this pointlessly evil?”
“The blood of the innocent was only a stepping stone to our purpose.”
“What purpose? Why are you doing this?”
Evelynn grinned, but gave no response.
“Xin, do you remember why you were so important to Boram Darkwill originally?” asked the Soothsayer.
“What? Uh, yeah, I guess. ‘Cause I’m so badass, right?”
“...Yes, because you’re so badass. And it’s that badassity that would have allowed Boram to prolong his cursed  existence far more effectively than with any other person.”
“Okay, so... What? Now Evelynn wants to live forever or something?”
“She is already doomed to immortality for her service. As far as I can tell, she needs only to slay you to complete her task.”
Xin turned to Evelynn, “Is that true?”
“The crone is wise.” said Evelynn. “Yes, all of that is true. Tricking you and all of the other righteous champions of the league into slaying innocent orphans! Why, that sort of act is just rife with the kind of awful darkness that we need...”
Xin looked back at the Soothsayer for clarification.
“We really don’t have time for a lesson in necromancy, so let me keep this brief. The act of killing another releases certain energies into the world. The league normally uses those energies to ressurrect champions after they’ve fallen, but when you consider that there were hundreds of children being sacrificed every day, the amount of necromantic energy saturating the league is... Staggering.”
Xin turned again to Evelynn, “But what is the point?”
“The children are powder Xin, and you are the fuse. Once I’ve slain you without the interference of that ridiculous goddess, all of that delicious energy will be used to bring my mistress back from her exile! The dark goddess will be reborn in the heart of Valoran, and all will burn before her majesty!”
“The dark goddess...” said Xin, “...There’s a dark goddess?”
Over the sound of Evelynn’s cackling, Xin could just make out the Soothsayer’s exasperated sigh.
“The gods are very scant on the details of how it happened, but yes, there is a dark goddess. She is the mirror of our own Shurelia, cast out of the heavens and condemned to an eternal unlife here on Runeterra.”
“On Runeterra? ...Wait, you mean the Shadow Isles?”
“Yes, that is where she is kept, and why the Isles are such a hideous place.”
“This has been a wonderful history lesson, but now... I think it’s time we made history of our own, hm?”
With that Evelynn lunged, surprising Xin with her swiftness despite her injury.
Xin wasn’t going to have time to defend himself.
A brown blur, and Evelynn found her fatal strike deflected by the Soothsayer’s hand. In an instant the old woman countered, knocking the Windowmaker clear through the air.
Evelynn landed in a heap by the far wall. Slowly she staggered to her feet, growling.
“Ohh, very good. I guess i'll have to reatreat for now! ...But remember, this isn’t over, Zhao!”
Clouds of darkness began to swirl around Evelynn, but before Xin could react she had vanished from sight.
The Soothsayer braced herself, but then sighed and relaxed. “She’s gone.”
“Are you sure?”
The Soothsayer looked at him.
Xin scratched the back of his head, “Nevermind. Hey, uh. What do we do now? You know, about the end of the world or whatever?”
“Something will need to be done about this buildup of energy. Firstly, we need to keep you alive. If you die, then everything you’ve done until now will have been for naught.”
“But I already did die. In Noxus, I mean. Did that not count?”
“It would have counted had Shurelia not been there. Her presence kept the dark goddess from feasting on your soul and returning herself to power.”
“So why can’t she be there again?”
“The institute has become a desecrated place, and under our very noses. Shurelia cannot come here anymore.”
“And... So why now? Why didn’t Evelynn kill me before I knew all of this and would be on guard?”
“It seems to me that the ritual wasn’t quite complete before. They must have finished while you were away. I believe that Evelynn killing you in the Noxus arena was a mistake, as they were not anticipating Shurelia’s interference.”
“Alright. So now all I have to do is...?
“I wish I could complete that sentence for you, but purging the dark energies of a thousand sacrificed children is a little outside my area of expertise. If anything however, you’ve proven to be quite resourceful. I’m sure you’ll think of  something.”
“You make it sound like you’re going somewhere.”
“I am.”
“What? You can’t just bail on me! This is the important part!”
“I can, and I will. I am going to focus my efforts on keeping the dark goddess out of this place. I believe I can do so with a simple ritual, but I cannot promise you anything. I'll also take care of speaking with the High Summoner and having all future games postponed. Besides, you have another ally on the way to help right now.”
“I do? Who?”
Tangent’s arrival was heralded by the sound of crackling energy.
“Xin!" exclaimed the robot on sighting him, “I have been looking all over for you. The machine is in ruins, and without any structural damage to the orphanage.”
“Tange! I’ve figured out what they were up to in there!”
And so Xin told him, and Tangent was less than pleased to hear the news.
“Orphans..." said Tangent, directing his eyes, or what passed for his eyes, to the floor. "This whole time, and none of us knew. Preposterous! Impossible! I simply cannot accept the fact that the League allowed something like this to happen under their very noses.”
“Believe it, there’s more going on here than any of us know.”
“But what was the purpose?”
“Something about resurrecting the dark goddess, or... Something, I don’t know.”
“The dark goddess?" said Tangent, quizically, "But she is only a myth.”
“You should know how these things work, Tange. Myths are always completely factual.”
“But did they really have to take measures such as these?”
“I’m going to assume so, but really, I’m not an expert.”
“So what are we to do?”
“Well, I saved Garen with the power of friendship, so I imagine I’ll pull something out of my ass come end game.”
“...With all due respect, Xin, I do not believe that is the wisest tactic to adopt.”
“Well unless you have a better idea...?”
Tangent thought for a moment, “Yes. Yes, I do. I will ask Dr. Heimerdinger for his assistance, he will certainly know what to do.”
“Heimerdinger? I thought he was a scientist, what does he know about magic?”
“Xin, magic and science are very close relations. He will likely have a solution to our problem, or at the very least be able to point us towards one.”
Xin shrugged, “Well, uh. Alright, I guess. Lead on.”


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